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What do you do when you are trying to find answers to life but the answers just lead to more questions, and you feel like you have no one to guide you? How do you keep from feeling stuck and alone?

The first thing you should always do is keep affirming that you are totally at peace with your situation.

The more you affirm that, the more you feel you are not standing alone.

There are times when GODS silences are there.

It's not that you are not supported but there are times like now where you really are asking of yourself to be more but to also put onto practice the tools you have.

As GOD yourself sometimes it’s not even about asking the question, but to be aware of your own natural rhythms of life and see where they are taking you.

There are ALWAYS guides daily.

They may not be spirit but people, and events, experiences and opportunities that daily present themselves to you.

You are GOD the creator of your life, and I know that at times it does not feel like that for you.

When it's like that one does need to be careful that you don’t turn life into a place of danger through the feelings that stick as you say.

Being the master of your life on Earth is not an easy task at present.

Call on us all, we are ever there though it may not seem like it at times and don’t look for answers, create them yourself.

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