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Other than being positive and happy in your own self and expressing that, what else can be done to help someone who is negative, suspicious and showing little joy?

Respecting a persons need to be so is an important thing to do.

Don’t see this behaviour as “wrong”, but more, as “they are God doing it that way”.

Don’t make their attitudes your conflict, look at what you are learning form this situation, make peace within yourself, and then ask your own higher nature what is the best way to serve this person.

At ties they just don’t want to be served and so you have to back off and get on as easily as you can.

As you know there are times when you really want space here, and as you also know there are choices here for you to make.

One had to realize that you could only do what you can say what you can, live out what you can, and that is ALL you can do.

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