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Namaste Tabaash, for so long I have been asking my own guidance for stronger communications. What can I do to fine-tune my own psychic and channelling abilities? Blessing…and please come to Brisbane.

Thank you for your love and greetings.

The abilities that you have are very much a vocation for you and the healer that you are has been establishing new platforms for you to build more from.

Be very conscious that this process is something vey natural to you and relax more with this.

Allow the SOUL to give daily messages to the BODY and MIND that you are ALL GOOD and that you accept the energy that you now is with you and that you allow this energy to be directed through your abilities.

Daily make a pledge to GOD that pledges your soul to GODS service and that you are open to the daily guidance that you know is available to you.

The ore you affirm your GOD nature, the more you lift your energies up to allow the channels to be opened.

Oh yes! We are going to be working in the Gold Coast in Sept, see EVENT

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