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Hello my name is Mason, I am an 11-year-old boy and Mum gets your reports. My question to you is this: Is the world really going to end in 2012, because I’m really worried about it. If not, what do predict will happen? Thanks, Mason.

Hi Mason, I’m sure a great deal of people are interested in your question.

The world is not going to end Mason, what is know as “ The End Times”, is the end of all the old patterns, and structures and systems that have been running the world for many, many years, Theses patterns have proved to be destructive to human nature and so they must all break down and be replace by those that benefit humanity.

People for too long have lived in anger and fear and hatred.

The investment of this energy had taken people away from GOD and had turned the world into a place of conflict.

GOD is coming back into peoples lives big time, and so the 2012 energy represents the beginning of a brand new cycle of life on Earth with the energy of Mind, Body and Spirit something that most people will believe in.

The way this changes everything is wonderful.

At the moment you see all the big changes that are happening all over the world, people making a stand for greater freedom to be happier and more equal.

You owe it to yourself Mason to go out into the world, not be afraid, be the best ad greatest you know that you can be. By doing this YOU personally are helping the world be a better place. You are a good person and a very smart person, who will succeed well in life.

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