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I understand about energy vortexes and I know that Machu Picchu is one of these. When I was hiking through the astonishingly beautiful cloud forests in the area to this sacred site at dusk, about a year ago, I had a sense of spiritual experiences. The last one involved some large, unseen but clearly heard being. Was it a Diva?

The ancient energy of past spirits were speaking to you.

The vibration of the place was attuned to your own energies allowing your soul to be guided and cleansed, informed and carried.

You attuned to the soul of the place and were open to what the vortex was allowing you to see, and have.

From this you absorbed more of GOD.

The ancients from that place still live in the energy though on another dimension.

One can slip into these places at times, and when you do it is no mistake.

The ancient keepers of the site have given you access.

The DIVA as you called it was a guide, and ancient keeper.

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