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Hi I’m Louise and I’m 13 years old in June. I keep having dreams of places I have never been, and then months and sometimes years later I experience the event and its identical or nearly the same as my dreams. My Mum gets your reports and I just want to know why this happens in to me.

Your soul is visiting the future Louise.

It does it all the time and it happens to everybody.

Not everybody has the same experiences that you do however, though many have!

The future and the past and present are all happening at EXACTLY the same time and your soul can access information or just have a “look”.

A good way to explain this is when you are watching television you are tuned in to one station, and you are able to change channels”.

All the programme are playing at the same time and all you have to do is push the right button and you are on another station.

So life is like a while lot of different stations.

And like TV in life, you have your favourite programs.

Sometimes these dreams as you call them are giving you some messages, maybe to look at something in your life, other times its just visiting the future and the past as your soul is able to do a great deal of travelling in your sleep state.

You are very sensitive to the spirit world Louise and you feel strongly for people and the world.

The greatest of birthdays for you, we wish you all the best and most wonderful of life!

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