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How does one get through the major and unexpected loss of a beloved and loving adult child. Life flows on as a river rolling over pebbles, rocks and through twists and turns. How does one find the strength to live a life of purpose and vision when the hole is so huge and painful? Intellectually it is clear that life and death happens-at the raw level of love, it seems so impossible that she is gone.

I believe that death and grieve is not something that you ever get over; I believe it is an experience that you live through.

Trying to understand the death of someone whatever his or her age is difficult and I do believe that people put too much emphasis on “understanding”.

I think of something I have said in the past, “Your message to the world is your life and when you finish your message you go home”.

She finished her message, she went home, and bow for the rest of your life you are faced with how YOU choose to carry this, feel this.

Everyday will be different.

You will never ever get over it; you don’t want to, your grief is a form of love.

As time progresses your own soul will guide you to what you need to feel and think and do.

It’s a process; let your self find its own natural rhythms to this experience.

I would like you to go to a website Ruth and Ralph Winmill established this after they lost their son Craig.

He was in his early thirties.

I know this will help you.

We send love and healing to you.

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