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Will NZ increase in landmass in a Future Map of the World, and will Japan and many parts of the Middle East disappear as seen in the future Maps of Gordon Scallion, and what is the actual linear time frame for this?

All these are speculation and possibilities.

There is so much that is happening on all levels and all the options for the new Earth and its energy are being “ sorted out” by the collective consciousness of humanity.

You are all planning the next steps and collectively looking at all the options. As the mass consciousness views the possibilities, the emotional energies of Earth and its connection with all living forms are taken into account.

A deal, so to speak will be made once the collective energy is balanced out enough.

There is no time span here as a lot of what happens is already happening as we write this.

Subtle shifts and changes are occurring all the time, on this dimension and others.

As the dimensions blend together one feels a shift of energy and senses a change that seems natural.

As the decades move on then there will be new land but again this is a subtle process.

There is a possibility of a new mass of land on the East coast of the North Island.

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