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I have recently heard a lot about a race of people who live inside the Earth. Is this true?

Yes this is totally true.

There are many, many levels of living beings on this planet. Some seen, some unseen.

The whole of Earth is populated by forms of life that live on dimensions that are a part of this Earth.

There are great subterranean cities in your Earth. They are human beings as yourself but with the appropriate differences that accommodate their situation.

Interesting to note is that they have heard that there is a whole race of people living above where they are!

This race is responsible for the care of the internal Earth and the monitoring and creating of the geology of the Earth.

They assist in the production of the minerals and the energy that runs through the Earth, that balances the energy fields.

They maintain the chakras of the Earth and the life- lines that send energy through the Earth.

Like you they have infrastructures and families, feelings and emotions and spirituality.


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