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For the past 7 days I have had numerous messages about the “heart”. Breathing into and from the heart chakra, including the Internet, a reading at a Sufi healing. Love is obviously the most important thing we can do and acceptance of everyone as they are, not what they wish them to be. I am going back to see my family at my place of birth and wondered if what I need to know whilst I am there is just to BE, not try to change anything or anyone and enjoy whatever it is.

Your soul has drawn your attention to the heart chakra to allow you full and unconditional love and openness to your experience.

It also asks of you to practice this on your journey and of course always.

There is a great deal of healing that you have gone through with this energy and the past vibrations are all gone now and have been replaced with new ways of living and loving.

Let self find all the most natural rhythms that are yours and let self be guided by the heart to the places it wants you to visit.

There is new energy that you will embrace on this journey.

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