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I have recently heard about the HAARP (High Frequency Active Aurora Research Programme) facility in Alaska. Is there cause for concern from the effects of the experimentation in the atmosphere?

Though the over emitting of frequencies in the atmosphere does have some cause for concern, due to the static that is caused therefore affecting the natural laws of energy, you are more at risk from the signals that are emitting from cell phones, cell phone towers, and the myriad of cables and electronically charged equipment that you have all become so addicted to.

These frequencies and the constant long-term effects on the physical body upset the natural balance of the central nervous systems and the immune systems. To keep things attuned, it is important to exercise in some way as this assists the discharge of energy that you are absorbing.

Yoga, Tai Chi are good ways of keeping the balance, since they were originally created as forms of exercise to allow the Mind, Body and Spirit to stay attuned.

You yourself in all ways are many forms of energy vibrating at different frequencies and so the more you raise your own vibrations

by staying attuned to the GOD force, the less affect intrusive frequencies will have on you.

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