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I need some guidance as to what changes I can make in my life so that I can move forward in the direction of my highest good?

As I look in your energy is important to know how you are promoting “your cause’ so to speak.

As you know there are still times when you are adapting your life to suit others and though at times this is part of the journey there are times when your soul is going to say to you.

What are you doing that for?

There has been SUCH a shift for you over these last months and you should be really proud of self.

I feel there is a need for you to REACH for a higher platform on all levels, which means you really need to raise your game.

At times you are “playing it safe”.

Actually as I write this you may even want to consider other countries in your bigger plan.

There is a lot out there for you but somehow you are containing yourself.

Self-promotion is always a hard thing and to keep it ego free even harder!

You are on a good path but raise that game.

Time to be so much more.

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