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What is it to be God?

To be God is the most definitive experience possible. It is the ability to live as consciousness, existing always and everywhere, forever expanding and creating.

Try this for a moment. Sit quietly and allow self to relax, just move into the natural rhythms of your own breath, your own energy fields. Allow self to be focused in just this and as you do centre your thoughts n the idea of just existing. Don’t shut out any feelings, thoughts or sounds, make them all part of the experience of just being. Once you feel you have reached this state then thin the word “Still”. Allow this thought to present it to you like the many waves that come to the shore. As you do this you will feel a sense of expansiveness, keep with this, keep thinking the word “Still”. The longer you do this the more you will feel.

Like you are everything. You will feel that you are the one point of consciousness that everything else comes from. Now think the word “Love”, and allow the energy of this word to permeate you. Imagine that this love is what you feel for all that you are experiencing. Imagine this love pulses from you and flows back to you. As it does it expands you even more and you feel any even greater sense of self and a greater sense of the ability to create. There is stillness, there is calm, there is peace and love. There is a sense of pure existence without the need for reason, purpose, and question. You keep expanding, you keep creating, there is nothing that is separate, and all is just the one point of light that is called GOD.

What you have now is” What it is to be GOD”

Love and Blessings

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