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Is it true that if I believe I am young, I will look young? Blair looks great and young with great skin, is this because he meditates. Is this possible without meditating and also is this genetic?

Lets visit the idea that the formula of life is Mind, Body and Spirit.

With the alignment of these components one is accessing all the requirements for harmony.

As you flood the body with light then of course it “lightens” you up and for that matter “youths” you up.

Keeping the chakras balanced, being peaceful always being the creator never the resolver allows you to participate in the universal fountain of youth.

Meditation of course helps but so to does “belief”.

As has been written your beliefs are the templates for your future. Yogic exercises were originally created for the well being of the body, keeping the body attuned to the source of all life, GOD.

Since you are soul and not body, genetics do not really come into the picture if you choose them not to.

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