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I am wondering about the impact of full moons, and if this energy effects pregnant women more intensely? I am feeling very drained after this full moon, Thanks.

The moon of course has a huge affect on everything and everybody.

The magnetic energy, the vibration that it emits meets up with those that are coming up from the Earth and from all forms of life.

One could say that as much as being terrestrial you are all also lunar.

This can cause disruptions in peoples auras, creating tiredness, anxiety and restlessness.

Full moons emit a particularly strong magnetic energy and this does have an effect on the bio chemicals of living beings.

A pregnant woman may feel this more strongly due to the energy of her pregnant body.

A good thing to do is to ALLOW self to be in alignment with the lunar power.

One could do this through meditation, feeling your soul, permitting your soul to have this alignment.

This allows you to feed form the energy and become enhanced.

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