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I am a woman, fifty years of age. Is it possible to build muscle and does it take longer because of my age? I work out and do cardio, I know diet plays a big part in this also hydration I’m a healthy eater but impatient! Thanks Sharon.

Dear Sharon,

Yes it is possible to build muscle at that age. As you get older you have to increase your protein levels to do so and it’s important that you get the omegas and the hydration, extra vitamin E ad B are also effective. Fish oils and flaxseed oil are also excellent. Weights are also a great way to increase BONE STRENGTH, as you get older. YOGA or other forms of stretching can assist toning of the muscles and skin. 

Your whole attitude to your body of course is essential. Blair has just turned 50 and for years he has been telling his body that it is a superhuman athlete with youthful smooth skin! Age is an idea that people have and they age because of the belief that they will.

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