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Life is extraordinary and wonderful in so many ways. I am expressing my self in every area of my life and fulfilling my dreams. I still feel that my solar plexus is telling me something that something is missing or not quite in balance. How do I figure out what it is telling me? Is this unique to something or me many are experiencing?

This is not unique to you, but not all people feel it in the solar plexus area.

There is a great deal of combining of energies in you at this point, and your solar plexus area is your point of convergence.

Literally everything is pulling together for you and you are feeling it there.

It has also been a place in the past where you have stored up old patterns that were limited and in a way, a bit of a dumping place for you.

I pick up that you are sensitive to the energies of a great deal around you and so this is also the cause of your feeling.

Keep being GOD keep clearing self daily.

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