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Can you please bring some clarity about how to evolve further regarding my work? And why is it that I like to stay awake until very late at night, and then feel so tired in the morning. And anything that is important for me to know in my life at this point.

Since you have stepped more onto the platform that represents your freedom The spirit part of you really wants to feed.

The evening hours seem to be a time where it is receiving information, energy etc.

One could use this time and energy more constructively by organizing the time for certain things you want to peruse or pursue.

This cycle will inevitably change and you will return to not having such late hours.

One of your vocations as you know is to lift the energy of others.

To assist tis time in your life you need and powerful alignment with the businessman in you so that you are able to get more structured in regards to what you have to offer.

People really do need what you have to offer.

You need a plan that you know you will stick to.

Your Libran scales are bouncing up and down as you try to work it out and think it out.

Make some absolute choices, have the plan, start living the energy.

Relax with yourself; the intensity is too much for you at times.

You like peace, and love, this is a good time to create this in your life.

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