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I am very interested about healing energies and something is always coming up about this. Is there a reason for this?

Listen to the whispers of life, as I like to say.

One of your vocations in this life is as a healer, particularly with nature.

One has a rapport with nature and the energies that work with nature.

You have a connection with the nature spirits and you have often seen them in the old garden.

Your soul wants to heal the world and so all your life you will be given this feeling to “do’ something with it.

One does not have to extend oneself to do so.

You do what you can, when you can and in the way that you can.

The words you give to others is one way, the compassion and love that you show, is another way.

Your GOD nature is string and that itself makes a difference without you having to do anything. God Bless you!

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