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Tabaash, is this the end of life in Earth? I am scared for my young children and myself.

(Posted 24 March 2011)

This is not the end of the world; it is the end of many of the ways that life on Earth has been structured.

The breaking down of the old systems and emotional patterns of life have to come about to make way for new way’s.

Don’t invest in fear, as you will make life a dangerous place to live in.

Invest in peace and hope, creating new ways of thinking and feeling, stay attuned to the idea of your GOD nature so you can guide your human nature away from conflict.

Be the creator of your life not the resolver.

Feeding into your fear will only establish a form of suspension of your life, it is crippling to all the senses.

Your soul has decided to be a part of these times that’s why you and your children are alive now.

Make peace with you and your fear.

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