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Is there a better way to eat that is more conducive to raising one’s life force? Does eating meat lower your vibration? Is killing and eating animals detrimental to spiritual enlightenment?

Eating meat is not detrimental to enlightenment but as you raise your vibrations through your self-development your body adapts itself to eating lighter naturally.

In times past the collective energy of people has been denser and so denser foods were required for the types of bodies that people were involved with.

Things of course are changing and the bodies of today actually prefer a lighter diet.

This would lean more towards to vegetarian diet though this does not mean totally for some people.

As the human body keeps adapting to change on all levels the body will eventually move more towards a liquid diet.

This will fit in with the changing digestive system as Earth bodies evolve and adapt.

A good way of thinking about it is, as you get lighter, eat lighter so you can travel lighter in life!

Each soul will guide the body they have to the appropriate dietary needs.

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