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I am wondering what purpose dreams serve, and how can one use what happens in dreams to enhance life on the physical plane?

Dreams offer your soul a window to other dimensions.

Whilst you are visiting these dimensions you are gathering information that invariably be new ideas, prospects, etc in your life.

Dreams are a way of clearing old files that are no longer needed by you.

Once you have dreamed it, the old energy has gone.

They are used to remind you of issues in your life that are pending, allowing you access to higher thoughts that are otherwise closed to you in your awakening state.

They can be prophetic and give you warnings about the directions you are taking in your life.

For those with mediumistic abilities they are a way of tuning into spirit and receiving messages.

By attuning to your higher self you can ask it to guide you in your dreams to your advantage.

It’s a process, and its worthwhile pursuing.

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