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How can I attract the most divine spiritual woman in my life and become one divine unit? Is age gap a barrier? How do you know when you have met the one? It seems some people are able to connect at a young age and bless them, I may have missed the boat as always have been late in everything.

All relationships are karmic and the way you develop your relationships through your life are the same.

You have not missed the boat at all.

You have been influenced though by lots of different ideas and attitudes and that has at times not made you confident in your approach to relationships.

It's good to look at self in all ways, Mind, Body, and Spirit and consider what new ways you need to be to attract to you what you want.

When you know you have met “The One” as you put it, your whole being sings it out to you. It's a process though and one that you have to be natural with.

You have woken up to the idea of yourself in a better and greater way now and so its good to do a REVAMP of self.

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