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When a disaster like the one that is currently taking place in Japan happens- do all those souls entering the afterlife at the same time get the care from the angels that they need to recover form the shock and trauma that must be with them?

I have this mental image of all those children being lost in the crowd.

(Posted 24 March 2011)

When there is death on Earth on a mass level, there are groups of souls who are specially assigned to assist the souls who are passing.

As you can well imagine, the suddenness of the deaths and the trauma that is associated with the violence of the deaths that have occurred needs careful and gentle attention.

All souls will be nurtured and guided to the place they need to be to show them what has happened and the souls are cleansed of the trauma that they may still carry with them from the way they died.

There are some souls who had no idea of what had happened, as it was so instant, and so they did not have the sense of their passing.

They knew that something was different.

Gradually it dawned on them what had happened, and there were beautiful souls who were there to explain to them the new situation and what to do.

All the souls went home to God.

There are no children lost in the crowd and there are no lost souls wandering.

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