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What is the best way to develop as a channel?

Like any ability that you have a true vocation for you would have an inners sense of what is necessary for you to practice to enhance the abilities that you have.

The higher self would guide you towards, people, literature, events and experiences that would stimulate you to higher degrees therefore raising your consciousness to achieve.

It's important to listen to this higher guidance on a daily level as it is always perfecting the link that you have with GOD and the energies that you connect with.

Daily pledging your life to your ability as a channel and inviting in the energies that work with GODS power is a good thing to do.

Focusing daily on the feeding of the Mind, Body and Spirit is vital to being a clear channel, as you will always be in harmony therefore making you a greater magnet for the power.

I would say your awareness of your GOD nature is most essential and the way you live this out in your day-to-day life.

Becoming the energy in your beliefs sends greater messages of commitment to your whole being and therefore encourages your intent and your aptitude.

It is a choice and it is a life choice.

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