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Please would you advise on the best way to make a decision?

I find it especially challenging when the decision involves another person, and I want to meet my needs but also be sensitive to where they are coming from.

(Posted 24 March 2011)

Always start from a place where you feel you are at peace.

From a place of peace you are able to get a much better sense of the way you need to approach the situation.

Ask yourself this question: What would the God in me do here?

The answer you receive will be from the part of you that always works for your higher good.

This answer is a good guideline for the way your human nature will deal with the situation.

From there it’s a matter of the emotional energy you are dealing with.

Looking at your own personal energy it seems that you are more concerned about the other persons needs rather then your own too much.

This of course will sideline you and that will set up a conflict within you that needs to be resolved.

There are times when it is just about you and no one else, and that is not an act of selfishness but an act of sense.

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