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Which one is really the Old Continent? We usually say it is Europe because it is where modern civilization developed. However there is evidence that Asia, Africa and America were “ civilized” much earlier than Europe.

So much of the world has been “civilized” over the history of this planet.

Continents have come and gone, cultures lost to the winds of change.

Much has been done by forward thinking people of the past who tried to preserve the ancient ways, through stories and art, written material and records in architecture through the ages.

A lot of countries were so called “colonised” way before the dated times of modern history. But for the “seat” of civilisation I would have to say Africa stands out as a place where much of what you know now, began.

The countries of SYRIA and IRAQ and IRAN could be defined as a core place where there is much “OLD” history that possesses ancient knowledge of times past.

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