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I have lately been confused about being able to create your own life, being proactive in grabbing opportunities and destiny/fate and its role in our lives. I seem to get caught between letting things happen and forcing myself to make things happen. Any thoughts?
Thanks and much love to you.

I don’t believe in destiny/fate, I believe in choices.

I sense in your energy that so much of what has been real to you is changing and this is why you are feeling the way you do.

It's like you are suspended in a place that doesn’t feel connected at times.

It's not a bad place, but think again what I said about choice.

When you are in the places that you are it's good to stand still and think to self;

What am I making available to myself at this point?
What do I know I can do right now?
How am I directing the show at this point?
What in my life do I need to re write?

You are also trying to figure it all out too much.

You need to ease up here and give your soul a chance to guide you body and mind to what will work for all concerned.

This is also reflected in the relationship energy and your fears around love and being good enough in life.

There is a lot of past energy within you that is to do with lifetimes of servitude.

You were always striving to make it right and be the best but you were often berated for not being good enough.

It’s not a bad aspect of self.

Anything you wish to release do so with gratitude and peace, love and total acceptance of the deal that you had struck with self. Make a new deal.

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