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What is the best way to over come chronic Fatigue besides vitamins and gentle exercise? How should I adjust my thoughts and attitudes in order to build u energy in my body that is sustainable and in increases over time?

One should first look at ones present life and ask oneself โ€œWhat is fatiguing me in my lifeโ€?

Having done so you then look at the way you are participating in this and see what you can eliminate or change to take the focus away from that.

Your systems, they are carrying vibrations that are not in harmony and so have established themselves as a battleground for many mixed emotions.

These emotions vie for supremacy and throw the physical systems into a great state of confusion.

Taking more vitamins is not the answer.

The exercise is good as it stimulate the body to secrete the natural bio chemicals that lift the body and promote the feeling of well-being.

We must acknowledge of course that ALL disease has its roots in PAST LIVES.

Regression therapy is a useful tool here.

The body is only a vehicle; it is the soul that carries the files form the past and sends messages to these files based on the emotional state of the person.

The more in harmony you are emotionally the better the information that you access from the soul files.

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