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I have had some big life changes recently that are very exciting and also bring up fear, often. How can we know if illness is created of negative thoughts or fear? Cleaning out of old stuff, or self-sabotage? Giving up or needing a rest? What is the best way to move through it faster to return to out natural state of health and well-being.

A: All disease is the result of not being in harmony. The dis-harmony may have been created by a past life issue that is only NOW being dealt with. Somewhere along the roads of the life people live, they don’t pay enough attention and so something needs to get their attention. All the emotions that come up with these things are part of the human natures way of responding to the disharmony of its life. I would like you to read THE DIVINE MATRIX by GREGG BRADEN; I feel this will help make a lot of things clear to you. Also DEFY GRAVITY by CAROLINE MYSS. The natural state of the body is to be SUPER HUMAN and SUPER HEALTHY. This comes about first by the total accepting of your GOD NATURE and then you informing that body of its perfection, daily, often! Then following the Mind, Body, Spirit patterns that are your own unique stylized system.

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