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I have recently come to understand that as human we are in the process of developing our major chakras from seven in number, to a new total of twelve.

Can you comment on this please, particularly to the process of ascension?

There have always been twelve chakras.

There are the seven within the body, which are connected with the physical endocrine system then the five that go beyond the body.

The number twelve is an important number in regards to balance on Earth as it aligns with the twelve levels of consciousness that one would like to attain whilst incarnate on Earth.

As you raise consciousness beyond the density of the physical, you are able to achieve an ascension process that gives you access to vibrations that are like stimulants to the soul.

The soul is able to once again on a conscious level send this frequency to the body therefore allowing the body to lift its vibration from the density of the third dimension to higher dimensions.

The energy that the body attains would lift the body beyond the need of dis-ease, dis-harmony, dis-turbance allowing complete transformation from heavy body to light body.

Much of this is happening quite naturally and spontaneously as the body has memory implanted in its make up to allow this transition.

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