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Would you please suggest a good way to think/pray/be in situations when a cat brings a terrified bird or mouse into the house? Sometimes I’ve tried to help and made the situation worse.

Ah nature taking it’s course.

It’s important to remember the cycles of life that are set up on Earth in regards to animals and their hunting instincts.

And it’s vitally important to remember that those little creatures that find themselves prey to others also have their own cycles.

If you are in a position to assist these creatures do so with the utmost of practicality. If not then one must let nature takes its course.

All life forms are from GOD and have their own karma and so they lives they live out, long or short are part of their personal journey.

Best thing is to respect them as GODS as well, and accepting of their own journey in the life they live.

A prayer of love and light is always a wonderful thing.

And I want you to know you DO make a difference to the animals you attend to, not just the cats!

You have great compassion. Bless you!

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