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Why do really giving and caring people always seem to be the ones that die from illness such as cancer and heart disease at such young ages?

One must remember that your message to the world is your life and all that it entails. And so for some there message may be given through an illness that may take their life.

It may seem tragic and sad, but it’s still the souls choice to experience whatever they do so in life.

Some of these souls are very evolved souls that make a choice to incarnate with a weakness because they know that through what happens to them, others will benefit through the wisdom they gain.

Others benefit form the service they are able to give the afflicted persons. Its all an agreement made on all levels and those who participate should be grateful for the opportunity to grow and evolve. And I can assure you there are many uncaring and miserly people who have illness as well! However, you are ALL GOD and when you pass to spirit all souls will “See” the life they lived be it prosperous or not.

All is sacred.

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