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The British settlers exterminated the original people of Tasmania in the 19th century. What happens to the group soul of a people after such a terrible experience as this? What can the people of Tasmania today do to make amends?

All souls involved in this would have entered into the karmic agreement before they were incarnate.

The world is full of humanities inhumanity to each other, and though is hard to comprehend it is still agreements made by all parties concerned.

All the souls involved will keep on creating opportunities in other lives where they are able to make amends. Some may become involved in humanitarian causes; others may be very strong on civil rights, and fight for the rights of people who have no voice.

For the people of today, and this is not just for those of Tasmania, but worldwide, it’s about how one respects ones history and how one learns form the errors others have made in the past.

Be your brothers keeper is the thought that comes to mind.

Practice equality amongst all, love one another, and walk side by side always.

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