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Please could you give me some advice on how to eliminate boils form our household? After a very stressful year last year my family of four have all suffered form them. We moved country in November last year due to my son’s poor health and a better life for us all. I immediately stopped getting them but my son and husband continued too. I have in the last few days had them back.

If you have any ideas that might help please I would love to know?

There is so much here that seems to be all tied up with what has been happening to your son and his health issues.

There is a “collective” family energy of stress that has been created over a period of time.

It has developed gradually and of course excuse the pun here, “everything was brought to the boil”.

All this dense energy wants to break out, and so is doing so in this way.

You were relieved as you felt new start, new energy.

Then the old beliefs kicked in a bit and are challenging you again.

We feel the importance of being grateful for your old life and what it represented, it had its uses but you need to make peace with it and its issues.

All of you should daily affirm your well being and the well-being of your son, and acknowledge that what was is finished and that you are all in harmony now.

The bodies are infected with old energy, dense energy that of course is not natural to the body.

There is some collective karma going on here that’s why this is all happening to you at the same time. Inform your body of its natural state of wellness and create a new deal that includes everyone in the family.

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