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Can you please explain karma? The course I am taking says there is no karma, that we come here to create ourselves every day, and there would be no purpose in experiencing something again and again, or to correct wrong, because we could do no wrong. Blessings.

Karma is your emotional attachments to the vibrations of life on Earth, and the attachments you have to other souls on an emotional level.

It’s correct saying it’s not wrong, or for that matter right.

Imagine it like a great jewel with many facets.

As you live life you will experience everything from all the angles of the jewel.

You do this so you are able to have the full experience and understanding of that life situation.

It’s not about resolution but about creation.

Karma can also be defined as the patterns in life that you engage in.

The more you see self as GOD the less you need to interpret your life through karma.

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