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There are times when I feel so angry and hurt, but for no apparent reason. I try really hard to leave the past behind, but find it comes back and gets in the way of me being happy and content. Is there a way of overcoming this and to let go of what is no longer?

In your life you have often been sensitive to other people’s stuff, what’s going on around you and really pick up on the imbalance that is around in life and around some people.

And when this happens you have this sort of reaction to this.

Now when this happens it opens up the old files, which hold all the old wounds that, have been emotionally inflicted upon you.

You have made a lot of peace with the past and have moved on.

Stop trying so hard and release yourself from the effort.

There is a little fear in you that all the old stuff might creep back in.

Can’t now, your too powerful! Make peace, love, love, and love the life you are creating.

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