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Last week I was in the between sleep and awakening state when I heard a large bang, as if a bomb had gone off in the distance. I then saw a flash of light and then felt the most wonderful tingling sensation from my head to my toes. I awoke feeling wonderful from the experience. Can you enlighten me please? Thank-you blessings.

For want of a better phrase, “You added another dimension to your life”.

Your soul was expanded to the point where you traversed the normal dimensions available to you in waking state and you attuned to higher dimensions.

The “Bomb” was rather like a spiritual sonic boom! And of course your body was receptive to the magnificent energy that this dimension offered you and so you had the feeling you experienced.

We sense your body has been rather attuned to “other” people’s energies of late and so this was also a kind of soul cleansing for you.

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