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I always seem to pick men who treat me badly, why is this? Do I have a karmic debt to pay?

Here’s a thought for you to consider;

The way men treat you in your life is because you have been a man in other lives and at times treated women the same way.

Yes it is karmic, but it also reflects the beliefs you have about yourself and the way you allow people to treat you at times, not just men!

As you know this is the time where you are breaking a lot of the old cycles and creating a better way of living your life.

First thing; make peace with the man in you, and then forgive him for the way he has treated women in the past.

Forgive yourself and take responsibility for what you have created.

As a soul tell your Body Self and Mind Self that the old pattern is broken and then inform them the new ways of being and the sort of man that you now attract to you.

What a gentle person you are and so full of compassion!

You are wonderful.

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