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I was reading Blair’s blog about the gym. What happens when a soul leaves theirs body to return to spirit?

Are they aware of what is going on around them on Earth at the time they pass, or does their consciousness leave with their body at the same time they pass, due to the trauma. And do they visit loved ones in spirit later?

For most souls on passing they experience a gentle feeling of lightness and a sense of freedom.

They would observe what is happening around the body they had, but they would be so detached from that reality they hardly register what is going on.

A great feeling of total bliss and joy draws the spirit back to home, you are embraced by GODS light and love and all emotional connections that you had with the life that you left behind are terminated, leaving your soul free to fly.

There are souls there to meet you, whom may be familiar to you being loved ones that have passed before you.

They are rather like your welcoming committee and will assist in your orientation.

As you make your adaptation from body to soul, you will be directed to places that will help you look at the life that you have left, and understand what the lessons were in that life.

You then blend back into life as a spirit and your connectedness with GOD.

In trauma death’s it is the same process though some souls may hover for a moment, feeling a bit confused about what has happened.

There are always those in spirit assisting these souls for a gentle transition back home.

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