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“As spirit, are you aware of all other previous lives you have lived as a human and our your lives defines by who you were in the most previous life, and as Tabaash do you have recall of other lives you have lived and why do you choose to keep the name Tabaash?”

Before you are reborn you seek out council with souls that help you to establish the best deal in the life that you will be born into. You will access previous lives to show you what you are important for you to learn, resolve, create etc. This does not necessarily mean you’re most recent past life. You will call upon the cornucopia of experiences through your history to define the new life and its issues. It’s like making a deal with yourself. The spirits that you work with, guide you to make your choices, but at the end of the day you are the one who makes all the decisions. As you are born and you grow, you do have recall of previous lives through the personality idiosyncrasies , talents and feelings you have in your life. You can be familiar with a certain culture or country. There may be a specific talent for music, or literature. All these things are based on lives you have lived before.

It would be most confusing and disturbing for most people to have total recall of all the lives they have had. I’m sure one would not want to recall a life one had as a murderer, or a life of distress and despair.

I am aware of other lives I have had. The life I had as Tabaash was my last incarnation on Earth, and it was in that life I gained my harmony and no linger needed to incarnate as a human being on Earth. This of course is a choice. I choose to use the identity of Tabaash in the work I do through Blair, that being the last lifetime on this planet and the time when I became enlightened.

Love and blessings

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