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13 August 2012

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Dear Wonderful People,

Thank you so very much from my heart and soul for all your emails, texts, and cards in reply to my latest blurb about my wife Kay, and her recent diagnoses with Alzheimer’s.

I have cried every time I have received one, feeling the warmth and the love from all your messages.

It makes me remember that there are no strangers in the world at all; it makes me once again feel that we are all connected as consciousness and that all our lives touch, all our lives.

I have taken great strength from all your words and feel carried by the wave of love.


I think of the saying “Our message to the world is the way we run our lives” and I am daily reminded of this more then ever.

It has made me realize how imperative it is to be conscious of the vibrations of life that come with all our actions and thoughts and feelings. When you are faced with someone who’s vibrations are forever changing through the day it makes you more considerate of that person and how you yourself respond to that.

It has also once more made me realize that we do have aspects of ourselves that step in when we allow the alignment of our higher nature to always be with us.

There have been times when my wife was in great distress and I felt a great calm and balance descend upon me giving me the sense of what was right to say and do. I felt quite detached from the emotions she was experiencing knowing that if I was attached then I would end up being distressed my self.

It was my own GOD self stepping in and doing the driving.


We have all had moments like that in our life, and I really feel that when we are faced with what challenges us, the faith we have in our greater connections guide us through in the ways that encourage and lift us to a higher way of being.

I don’t see any of this as a test, I see this all as a great opportunity to first and foremost serve my wife in all the ways that I can, and of course to become a better person through our situation.

It doesn’t matter how much we might know in every way, there are always going to be ways to be more and do more and improve more on all of life’s platforms.


I feel filled with gratitude and deeply blessed that you are all a part of my life and I a part of yours.

Please, take this message as a personal thank you for all you are in my life and I send to you from my wonderful wife and myself a great embrace of love for all your kindness and blessings.

With Love


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