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7 August 2012

The life that we are creating is forever being formed by the many changing events that occur around us and to us.
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April 2012

Sometimes our lives have to change because of what happens to other people who are close to us. And the changes that come upon us are seemingly thrust so severely that it’s hard not to reel from the changes that occur.
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March 2012

It’s natural for us all to evolve in our lives, and yet when we become aware of the intricate web of energy that connects us all, making moves that are important to us can be very difficult at times.
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February 2012

I’ve just spent the last eight days up in Auckland with the folks, my annual summer break enjoying the beach where they live nearby and hanging out with friends and the folks.
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January 2012

The “Blanket Man “ is dead.

For those overseas readers the Blanket man aka as Ben Hana was a homeless man who had lived on the streets of Wellington and had rather become an institution, particularly in Courtney Place where he was to be found often intoxicated, smoking, asleep, or sitting on the curb in his loincloth attached to his IPod and grinning away at passersby.
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December 2011

Well here is the last Blair’s blurb for 2011.

I’ve just been over to Melbourne for three days hanging out with my mate/brother Bryan and it was so good to see him and help celebrate his 30th.
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November 2011

I have never been one to believe that we find what we seek in life, from one belief system, one teacher etc.
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October 2011

I love the fact that I am able to go to other places with my work affording me the benefits of new people and new places.
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September 2011

Working in Surfers Paradise recently I had little chance for beach time due to my work schedule, and so I would get up every morning at 5.30 and walk for an hour, watching the sun making its appearance and herald in the new day.
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July 2011

I sit here writing this hardly able to see the keys or the screen as tears are running down my face, filling my eyes. A beautiful wonderful soul and friend of mine Waimaria Erueti passed into spirit this afternoon she was 42 years old.
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29 June 2011

Today one of my best friends flew off into the world to begin a new life in another country.
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June 2011

I have had quite a few requests from people asking me what happens to me when I channel Tabaash, so here you are, the complete no holds barred version!
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9 March 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was one of the billions of people who participated in watching the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
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March 2011

Boarding the plane last Sunday for my flight to Christchurch I looked around me at my fellow travelers.
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February 2011

As I write this, a city lays in ruins. There are people trapped in collapsed buildings, many have died, people have lost their homes Infrastructures are destroyed. I see this often on the television when disasters are televised, but this is in my own back yard, this is at home and its hard to believe that just a 30 minute flight away a city lays gasping and bleeding, reaching for life.
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28 February 2011

What is it about holidays that impel you to eat more then you would normally do? We have just spent 14 days on a cruise ship around New Zealand and Australia and the ship was literally GROANING with food! To put it all into perspective I have placed my feelings in a poem.
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January 2011

Every day of your life you are making contracts with people that ties people together emotionally.
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November 2010

A man died at the gym today. He had a heart attack and he could not be revived. It was a holiday weekend and there were less people at the gym in the morning then usual. The stalwarts were there though determined to keep up the routine, even me with my broken leg and ankle. I can’t say I knew him at all, just the usual “Hi” as we passed each other at the gym, the odd look of, what are we doing here this time of the day when we could be sleeping in!
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14 October 2010

There are some things in life that you want to keep secret and there are some things that simply beg to be told. I’m sitting here with a broken leg and ruptured tendons on my left ankle and the interesting thing about this is not so much that I have done this but HOW I came to do it. In all honestly this has got to be the most bizarre “breaking your leg” story.
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October 2010

I have so many thoughts and emotions playing through me now as I consider what I want to write. I have just spent the week in Christchurch New Zealand.
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September 2010

It’s been awhile since these fingers played the keyboard to write this.
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April 2010

You were GOD yesterday, you are GOD today, you will be GOD tomorrow, and ALL the tomorrows that you have. How could you be anything less then what you were created to be?
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March 2010

Some years ago I awoke with a strong message that I had to become a volunteer at our local hospice. The thought had never occurred to me and so it was a bit like “Where did that come from?” However, as spirit says “Listen to the whispers of life” and so I did and for a year every Friday night for three hours I would go up to the hospice and make myself available in whatever way I could.
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November 2009

Hi there to you all, I hope you are all creating the greatest of realities!
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September 2009

Greeting to you all.

Recently I spent some time in the States, attending a seminar run by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Esther is the channel for the group energy known under the name of “ABRAHAM”. There were about 300 people attending this seminar and being there reminded me not only of the power that is created by like minded people who gather, but how many wonderful and gifted people there are in the world that are doing their own bit to raise the consciousness of this planet and the people who are on it.
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August 2009

Hi all,

Every month I shall be regaling you with some story about life, things in general that I observe, find funny, touching, amazing. Human nature is wonderful and the more you look closely the more you see what a wonderful silly lot of human existence we all are. This month its a story about humility. My own experience, my own lesson.
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