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February 2012

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I’ve just spent the last eight days up in Auckland with the folks, my annual summer break enjoying the beach where they live nearby and hanging out with friends and the folks.

It was an ideal week but tinged with a little sadness as it was the last time I would spend a summer at the family home as the folks are selling up and moving north of Auckland into an apartment in a gorgeous retirement village.

I’m really pleased for them as they begin this new phase of their lives, they are going to be really happy in the new place and it is an excellent move for them.

During the week I was with them the house had just gone on the market and so there were some open homes and agents bringing people through the house at odd times of the day.

I have to admit I have never seen the house looking so immaculate. The folks are not the tidiest pins in the pack and apt to leave the papers laying around, the dishes till the next day etc and so I was mighty surprised on entering the family abode to find it in a pristine condition.

Everything was gleaming and ready for the onslaught of prospective buyers.

One late afternoon having had a day on the beach I came back to the house with a packet of fish n chips and was informed that an agent was bringing some people to look at the house.

I had firmly positioned myself on the patio downstairs with my bottle of Stella my dinner trying hard to blend in with the garden.

At some point a sea of faces appeared looking down on me from the deck upstairs, I looked up my mouth full of fish and said, “ Hi, Im Rent-A-Son”! I could hear the folks guffawing in the background.


One fine afternoon, I drove them up to Orewa Beach where the new place was so they could see it again, and they wanted me to give it the once over.

I was really impressed and as we wandered through the expansive property the whole place was more like a resort and it had the real feeling of the living!

The lady who was showing us around kept up a constant dialogue of pleasurable platitudes about the place, and the whole time referred all her comments to me as if she was selling me the idea!

Then she said that people from the age of 55 could purchase a property and with a smile added,” Well we might just see you here in about 30 years!” laugh laugh, ha-ha…

When I told here I was 55 in 3 years she did not have a lot to say after that but kept giving me glances as if she suspected I was taking monkey gland or something!


Driving back towards St Heliers the folks were mulling over things and I was thinking how much all our lives are so intertwined, and when changes are made we all change and we all adapt.

All those many, many years of “going home” sleeping in the music room with the foldout bed that was neither long enough nor comfortable enough.

The funny shower in the bathroom where the shower head came up to my mid chest and I always had to bend down, Father’s chair, and Father’s den, the Saturday morning ritual of bacon and eggs and hash browns and golden toast with butter, pots of tea and coffee, the national radio playing always in the back ground and at night the sound of the crickets serenading each other on a warms summers evening.

There were beans growing up the deck, and up the fence along the drive a glorious mass of red and sweet juicy beefsteak tomatoes announced themselves.

And so as our parents move on to new stages in their own lives we the children have to let go a little more of our own childhood and become more grownup.


On Sunday afternoon I stood in front of the house looking at the sign that it announced that it was for sale. The words under that said it all. “Beloved Family Home” and that is so-so true, home always of very beloved parents. You guys are the best, I so look forward to exploring the new beach, visiting the new place and seeing you grow young in your advancing years.
I love you.


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