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March 2012

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It’s natural for us all to evolve in our lives, and yet when we become aware of the intricate web of energy that connects us all, making moves that are important to us can be very difficult at times.

People can be wracked with feelings of guilt and remorse when they know they have to move on and yet by doing so will cause pain to someone else or upheaval to a situation.

Of course being true to yourself does not mean that you have to be insensitive, but there are times when you know within your deepest place that you can no longer continue the road that you are on and must make moves.

The emotional ties that we have with our situations offer up a great deal of opportunity to grow but once the growth is complete and you know that there is nothing more that you can do it seems inevitable that one takes the next step.

Staying involved in a situation that you know does not serve you is going to manifest in you a myriad of responses that one will struggle with.

When your soul “knows” something is complete it informs you of this through your feelings and it also prepares you for the next step by making you aware of new ideas, possibilities etc.

This is a natural process of your life and to stay involved in something that does not serve you makes you involved in “unnatural” energy that will become your challenge.


The inability to make moves in life when you know it is possible, is not about another person or the circumstances, its is about you and how you deal with things.

Your whole response is telling you about your own character and the way that you are running your life.

One has to remember that in the bigger picture of things other people you are involved with, circumstances you are involved with also have a time when they no longer need you to be there, and so by staying involved against your own better judgment is actually stopping people and situations from moving on themselves.

You then in a way become a liability and add a denser energy to the situation, as you are not coming from a place of truth and harmony.


So I suppose there is the dilemma for some people.

Do I stay in a situation that does not serve me and place someone or something on pause simply because of what I feel? Do I leave the situation knowing that by doing so I will cause hurt and pain and upset? Seems to me its one of those,” of the lesser of the two evils” situations!


As hard as it may seem, as hard as it may be, when you know that you have done everything to be more, do more etc, and you still feel the situation is hopeless you must listen to the higher part of you that is guiding you, and if this higher nature is guiding you towards change and evolution then those are the steps that you need to take.

Not making that choice is not a mistake but one will keep on visiting the situation until one makes a conscious choice or one creates a situation that forces the change.

Make the choice that is natural to you.


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