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April 2012

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Sometimes our lives have to change because of what happens to other people who are close to us. And the changes that come upon us are seemingly thrust so severely that it’s hard not to reel from the changes that occur.

We are all involved on many levels of partnerships in life, we play specific roles in those partnerships and we establish patterns around those roles.

We so often define ourselves and our lives from these roles and these partnerships, and it never occurs to us that this will change.

Change however is the ever constant, and when it comes about it can come about with such brutality forever altering the future, as we believed it to be.

Many people go through situations where the people they love are stricken with debilitating illnesses that they will never recover from.

You know they will never be the same, never be what they were before and as you participate in the situation, you have to become aware of the changes that you personally have to make, so that you are able to ride the energy in a way where it is not destructive for you.

Your heart is breaking and at the same time you are often called upon to play an even greater role of responsibility that may seem like a burden.

You are placed in a situation where you are having to now adapt your whole life to these new circumstances and this makes you see, feel and respond in many diverse ways that you had never needed to before.

In a ways it’s like having to learn a whole new emotional language. The energy that is thrust upon you makes you look long and hard at your own roles and also what you have taken for granted.

Most of us will get so caught up it the routines of our lives that when something rocks the boat it is a shock to all the systems that you are run by and everything has to be re-aligned.

All the time we are all making adjustments to the circumstances around us, both personal and collective, consciously and unconsciously.

Nothing is put upon us that we cannot cope with I truly believe that. And we all must remember that what we have presented to ourselves is our own creation based on the agreements in life that we have made.

When we watch someone go away from us, through death, mental illness, separation, we are presenting to ourselves opportunities to call upon more of what we are and therefore creating more of what is possible for us to be.

Often it will herald in a new phase in our lives that will be beneficial to us and we feel and know this, but we can at times feel guilty feeling these emotions.

It is natural for us all to evolve and we must see that these situations are chances for us to evolve in ways that we have never before.

Our patience is often tested and we have to be more conscious of the words we use and how we respond to the situations.

It does not seem fair at times but that’s when you have to remember that you have signed up for the experience and daily you have to define the best way or ways that you need to see it through.

Often you have to make a daily agreement with yourself as the situation calls for that

And then are times when you have to show great compassion and gentleness not having to find answers or words but often giving love and support in the best ways you can. And at the same time you are grieving for what is happening and you wonder how it is you will cope with whatever the conclusion will be.

We are all built to be creators, to know how to carry the energy of life’s experiences be it the challenging bits or the easy bits.

Whatever it is we all know that we can only do what we can, when we can, we can only play the roles that are possible for us to play, say the things that we can say.

We at times have to be the caregivers and the parents, the leaning posts and the support systems. Sometimes we have to be all of those things at the same time. And sometimes we all have to go somewhere quiet and have a little cry (or a big one!) so we can be empty of the tension that arises from our circumstances.

Sometimes we feel very alone and isolated by what we go through. Our futures are our possibilities and our possibilities can become our futures.

Its ok to stand-alone at times if that’s what you feel is best. Don’t forget that there will be a time when you don’t need to, and you turn and see that you are surrounded with love and support.

Love to you all


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