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November 2011

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I have never been one to believe that we find what we seek in life, from one belief system, one teacher etc.

There are so many aspects of our own selves that are developing simultaneously that must be satisfied, and so it’s so vital to those selves that investigating all that is available to us, satiates us.

Even though as a channel for Tabaash I have constant access to information from source it does not stop me from reading information from other sources and participating in events that attract my interest.

I always remind myself that I am always learning and gathering and developing as much as the next person in a body!

In my early self-development days I plunged myself into reading copious amounts of metaphysical material drawing it in like a thirsty sponge.

As the energies and ideas developed in my thoughts I “felt” that I was really getting somewhere and that I was well on the road to enlightenment.

HA! Was I so wrong, I picked up a new book and it engrossed me for days, I could not put it down.

After finishing it I realized I knew nothing at all, and felt like I was plunged into a heavy place feeling quite down for about three day’s.

As I surfaced I realized that everything I read wasn’t teaching me anything it was telling me about myself.

And this is so very true in all that we gather.

We do have all the knowledge as GOD has already planted this in our souls.

As Tabaash has said everything you gather from is a mere stimulant, it is there to stimulate your soul to wake up to what you know.


I tend not to go on a quest for what’s needed but rather let my soul attract to me what is needed, and so I do pay attention when a certain book comes my way, or a teacher presents itself to me.

It doesn’t mean I will plunge head long into a commitment, but will observe carefully my soul self and listen to what its saying.

There are times when something comes your way but you leave it aside for a while until the soul knows its time to absorb.

Since we are creating our won formulas on all levels, all the time, the information that comes our way has to be settled in first and then looked at carefully so you can make best use of it.


There is so much material that is available to us these days its so difficult to know what is “right’” for us.

I know your soul knows what is the best for you and I know our human nature gets bored if you spend too much time focusing on one thing, or one believe etc.

It’s like having an unlimited library available to you but only ever taking out and reading the same book over and over again.


I have personally gained great information from reading the Ramtha material and attended a seminar by Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks.

In Christchurch New Zealand there is a wonderful entity called Ramon Pascha channeled by Yasmeen Clark who’s wisdom and information has been vital to the well being of people.

Again in Christchurch, Almora channeled by Dellaina Andrews see aides to lift the game, adding positive and powerful energy to peoples journey.

We are all very fortunate to have access to these wonderful and enlightened teachers.


I think people have to be very careful about the idea of “what camp” they put their tent up on.

I have never seen what I do as the “Tabaash” camp; I think that’s a very naive and arrogant way to look at things.

There is so much information out there and in a way we all need to know everything.

Obviously after awhile we discern which works best for us at the time but I think we have to be careful about becoming so dependent on information from other sources at the cost of our own inner wisdom.

After all, we are GOD, and we are no different from the masters who are the teachers.


After over 25 years of self-development I now know that it’s never about the teacher or the teachings, its always going to be about YOU the person and how you invest in what you know.

Fear makes people latch onto others like some sort of limpet; fear makes people rely to heavily on others for the answer or the opinion.

We must keep exploring all the time and involve self in ourselves, using the teachers we attract to us as the stimulants that they are, directing us carefully towards our own GOD nature.

And with the knowledge of this we see that we are all the same.


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