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July 2010

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I sit here writing this hardly able to see the keys or the screen as tears are running down my face, filling my eyes. A beautiful wonderful soul and friend of mine Waimaria Erueti passed into spirit this afternoon she was 42 years old.

I went to see her on Monday at the hospice. I had been away from Wellington for a week working up north and had only seen here a couple of weeks before. She was her normal self, buzzing around in her Mini car living life, loving and looking after her son Kiwa. I knew she was sick, but was shocked when I spoke to a friend and they said that Waimaria was in the hospice. The night before I went up to see here I imagined in my mind her sitting up in bed, joking away and basically having a bit of R&R before she was up and about again. She was unconscious and her breathing was deep but labored. I could see that some of her soul was already gone and that the process had to be completed. She had made up her mind; it was time to go home.

I sat there with her Mother and some of her Aunties, some in chairs, others on the floor. We talked, and watched, we joked and we shared stories. Waimaria lay there surrounded by people who loved her, we waited and watched as she drew in a deep breath, and she seemed to hold that breath for ages before she exhaled. This continued the whole time I was there. It wasn’t a fight, that wasn’t her way, she was GOD doing it her way, and she was going to breath with all her power, no weak gasps here the girl had MANA. And she looked so dignified and in charge of how she was organizing her death. This was how she lived her life, with dignity and always doing the driving. She was tall and elegant; her feet were slightly over the edge of the bed, it being too short for her stature. Her long arms tapered into strong hands long tapered fingers lay gently on the bed. She looked beautiful and full of life, even though life was moving breath by breath out of her, her soul pulling away a little at a time. She was going with strength and doing all the driving, all the way.

It was time for us to go and so I walked up to the bed and stood by her. I took her hand in mine and held it, I kissed her forehead, I did not say goodbye, it is never goodbye. Instead I said thank you and so I say it again, thank you Waimaria, thank you so much for being in my life. We knew each other a long time. I saw and experienced your power .You honored me with your presence, your humor your dreams and your plans. You shared with me the joy of your son, and his burgeoning spirituality and life journey. I have known your family and loved them, I still do. Your soul is so powerful and as I write this I can feel your energy and it makes me feel really peaceful, you knew you were going home and I know that all is well with you. I can’t believe even with all I know that we won’t have those talks and share that laugh. The human part of me is astounded that you are gone; my soul knows you are more. And I realize how much I did know your soul that we had connected before and will connect again.

And so we begin another journey in life as we move on without your physical presence, adapting ourselves without you on the road. And I always hold the picture of you in my mind getting into your Metro Mini, smile on your face hand extended in a wave ready to take on whatever you needed to create for that day.

And we are all with you, loving you, connected with your spirit as we are all connected as the GODS that we are and this you always know.

I love you


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