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March 2011

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Earthquakes - Why the Earth is Shaking

I was sent this information and felt it important to post this on my Tabaash website, I thank Archangel Metatron and James Tyberonn for their permission to do so and thank them for their love and wisdom

Earthquakes - why the earth is shaking (PDF - 98kb)


Boarding the plane last Sunday for my flight to Christchurch I looked around me at my fellow travelers.

There seemed to be a lot of students returning to campus, the usual smattering of businessmen and women, and families with excited kids in tow.

All of us were going to a city that a few weeks ago, had been devastated by another earthquake, as I looked around I wondered how many people on board had been down there when it struck.

As the plane circled the airport to land I looked out the window for any tell tale signs of the damage, but from the air everything looked calm and peaceful, a normal early autumn day, still with the hint of summer in the wind.


A friend picked me up and as we drove through the streets I had glimpses of cracked pavement and toppled chimneys.

I settled into my hotel and then was taken on a drive around the city, to Lyttelton where the epicenter of the quake had been and to Sumner.

I walked around the cordons of the city in silent shock, tears welling up and totally speechless in regards to what I was witnessing.

There was an eerie silence that spoke volumes.

I felt like the Earth itself had been totally abandoned in a moment, and everything was just as it was left. Everything seemed normal, but blanketed by the reality of the actual abnormality of what had occurred.

A statue of some long dead arctic explorer lay face down in the green grass where he had been toppled when the quake hit.

It struck me that his face was buried in the grass as if to turn away from the devastation and death that had occurred around him, grieving for the loss of the heart of a city.

I felt a bit guilty and ghoulish peering through the wire fences that prevented me to go further. The human nature of curiosity wanted to wander through the silent streets to bear witness to what had happened, but every time I took a picture I felt slightly ashamed of myself for wanting to record the pain that was evident.

I remembered as a child seeing an old abandoned fairground, all the rides still they’re but unused for years, it seemed lonely and without soul, and I was reminded of this feeling when I glimpsed upon the streets of Christchurch.


In Sumner a huge slab of rock sheered off from the cliff face it had been attached to and cascaded in a tumble of mess, taking the life of a man.

The rock was huge, the damage numbing to your soul. As the week went by and I talked to people and heard their stories, it seemed to me that everything was rather suspended like people were not quite sure when they could actually really start putting their lives back together.

The energy around seemed to be like a great jumble of frequencies massed together in some uncertain formula, not sure where to settle and when to settle.

There were a few shakes while I was there the biggest on the Sunday night, a 5.1 and at the time I was having a pee!Needless to say I zipped up rather quickly but not before infusing the pristine white tiles with a watery arch!

I was taught a great deal more about people that week and what’s important to me in my life.

I felt such love for my wonderful friends who live down there, and have an enormous respect for what they are enduring.

I wanted to love them and hug them and protect them and make it all right.

I remembered also that at times words are not that important, its just being there that matters more then anything.


I learned also the importance of adapting your life to circumstances and just getting on with it.

At the hotel we were told not to drink the tap water, and there were big plastic containers outside that you had it fill your jug from.

That was nothing considering what some people in Christchurch are still having to put up with.

We get so used to the fact that the toilet will always flush, the water will be safe to drink, the roads will be smooth and easy to drive in.

Infrastructures will always be there to allow us to continue our day-to-day existence without any hassle.

We have set up so many systems that we are all so dependent on that when they literally vanish overnight we are left up the creek without the paddle.

And now our favorite coffee place is gone now, and the place where we used to buy those nice doughnuts is next to a huge pile of rubble.

There are places that will be now be remembered because someone died there, or that’s where we were when the quake hit.

Forever the city will now carry a new energy that is built from the experiences that all who were a part of this have shared.

And from this we all grow up and become hopefully better people in every way of life.

One thing that we can all be certain of and that’s ‘‘If anyone can a Kiwi can”.


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