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28 February 2011

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As I write this, a city lays in ruins. There are people trapped in collapsed buildings, many have died, people have lost their homes Infrastructures are destroyed. I see this often on the television when disasters are televised, but this is in my own back yard, this is at home and its hard to believe that just a 30 minute flight away a city lays gasping and bleeding, reaching for life.

An Earthquake has once again struck Christchurch New Zealand and we are weeping and hurting for its people. We are sitting on the edges of our chairs watching the TV as this whole story unfolds before our disbelieving eyes.  This is a city I know so well with its tree lined streets and its houses and buildings full of charm and grace. The meandering Avon River winding its way through the city, its banks clad with smooth rolling lawns and fragrant flowers, large weeping willows dipping their branches into the cool moving water.

The Cathedral in the square standing solid, a testimony to the past, with its core energy like a beacon of strength.

The Cathedral is now wounded, ripped apart by the forces of nature, a wide gaping hole in its body exposed now to the elements, there are bodies laying in its ruins. The streets are ripped and torn and mangled. There is agony in the air.

I can’t recognize some of the streets anymore the devastation is so rife. The river is tainted with dust and the blood of the city as it spew’s out its hurt. The streets are heaved up broken and rippled.

Glass, concrete, bricks and mess litter them now making it impossible to negotiate them without danger. Family and friends wait in an agonizing vigil near buildings where trapped loved ones lay buried under the debris.

A dear wonderful friend told me that he rushed from his place of work after the quake struck and ran through the city to the hospital where his child had been sick with an infection. He said it was like running through a disaster movie set. His house he told me was “a goner”.

Here in Wellington we all know people, family, colleagues, and friends who are down there. We unashamedly allow our tears to flow as we speak of what has happened. We are shocked, we are stunned, we are disbelieving that this has happened. And yet it has and its laid out before us day by day like something raw and putrid. I read in the paper about a man who was trapped. He asked his rescuer for a cell phone, he rang her, told her how much he loved her, and then he died. I went to my wife and I hugged her, held her close told her I loved her.

There are a lot of people doing the same thing. In Christchurch people are looking after each other, they are reaching out and allowing themselves to be loved and to love. It’s a time to be “your brothers keeper”. The sense of communities blending together is obvious as people seek for the strength of the collective energy.

Australia was quick to send assistance, other countries have come to the aid of those in Christchurch, showing that the people of the world do know how to look after each other, wish we could do it all the time.

We all have to keep on creating and living our day-to-day lives. It’s important that we do this because if we don’t then how can we help those whose lives for the moment are suspended in uncertainty? Getting on with the business of life is a way of generating more life, more power, more opportunities that others will benefit from. The unstable will reach out for the stable; those in need reach out for those who can give. We have to look to ourselves and find what is possible for us to give, Some will give money, some time, others will offer a bed, some a hug, a word of comfort, and shoulder to cry on. And this will be needed for some time, so those of us who are in a position to do so, here is a chance in your way to be your “brothers keeper”.

To all of you in Christchurch, like many I weep for you and feel your broken heart. I hold you close to my own heart now and I love you and I heal you. Know, that you do not stand-alone.


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